Inken Rave-Lohmann

  • 1964 born in Hamburg
  • 1992 began studies at the FH Hamburg, FB
    Design with focus on informative illustration
  • 1999 graduation as graduate illustrator
  • since 1992 own studio, works in acrylic, oil,
    mixed media and drawings
  • since 2000 change in painting to abstraction
  • since 2004 member of the BBK Hamburg


Of northern lights and chainsaws

As a Hamburg native, I liked to work in the north with a pen and camera. My motives were among others. Ships, cranes, harbors, the northern colors, ebb and flow, and the associated changes in things, motifs and living beings through time and nature.
My art turned more and more towards abstraction and since then I have been using many materials that I put on the canvas in order to achieve a plasticity, a better depth, also spatially.

Later, in order to give my two-dimensional and three-dimensional representations even more expression, I picked up the chainsaw. I made sculptures inspired by nature, which remained rudimentary because I used the saw like the pen: spontaneously set, limited to the essentials in rather rough lines and hatching.

I closed the chapter of vigorous work with the chainsaw after seven years. I went from being sculptural to being sculptural when I started working with clay.

Gentle south and strong cacti

I like to spend time in Mallorca and my motives change. The southern nature with all its bright colors, the pure clear light and the lush flora is a new source of inspiration for me. I draw, paint, collage and objects and reliefs are created in clay, which - for technical reasons - I only produce in Hamburg.

The overabundance of Mallorcan nature forces me to look for a leitmotif, and I found it in cacti. The fascinating plants already look like sculptures. There are many types in the most varied of forms that have a decisive influence on the image of the island. Many are ancient and sometimes meters high, they stand alone or in hedges. Fascinating.

The diverse shapes, the robust, powerful frugality and the bright colors of the flowers are always a new source of inspiration.