I recently opened my new studio on Mallorca as well. Now I have the opportunity to work both in Hamburg and Mallorca and to be inspired differently by both environments! The south has become a strong influence on my art. The warm and bright colours, the bright light and the Mediterranean flora of the south - these are currently the primary influences of my art. On Mallorca, I create paintings with a completely different colour scheme than ever before. Here I also give free rein to my work with clay: among other things, I create clay reliefs, inspired by photos and sketches I make of my new motifs such as cacti and other plants of the local flora. I dream of one day being able to fire my own clay works on Mallorca, but that is not yet the case: that is still happening in Hamburg.

I never get bored in my life as an artist: I like to be inspired, catch new things and learn more every day. My world is colourful. Mallorca, with its typically southern nature and special light, is ideal for this: Overwhelmed by the colours that change my painting, by the primal shapes of the cacti and by the satisfying work with my hands in the clay, I can create works here that are very different from the ones I have done before.

The warmth and light of the south are a new aspect in my work. My art began in the far north of Germany.