Welcome to the online studio

In the videos I would like to give you a glimpse into my studio and - pictures are more than words - maybe just briefly explain what I'm currently concerned with in my creative work and what interests me. As a trained illustrator, I move from drawing to painting and - although I've been doing free art ’for over 20 years, nothing works for me without an idea that develops beforehand. First of all, I follow my 'instinct', my 'feeling', what interests me at the moment, I see my surroundings, I sketch mentally or photograph what I see, translate it into painting, sketch, collage or - depending on - also as an object or Sculpture or plastic. Since I have been spending more and more time in the south in recent years, more precisely on Mallorca, my focus has also changed: from the northern landscape - as I said, always interpreted very freely - to the southern climes, where the light, nature and the flora is completely different. At the moment I am interested in the cacti and the palm trees with their hard forms and their enormous resistance to all weather influences - and these look to me like sculptures that nature has created. They encourage me to implement these impressions - either in painting, drawing or in the sculptural work that I am currently doing as clay reliefs.