Nit del Arte Felanitx - the night of art

Nit del Arte Felanitx - the night of art

Welcome to the CASA DEL ARTE FELANITX! Here is my new studio in the south-east of Mallorca, whose doors I will open for the first time for the Nit del Arte Felanitx 2023 and show extracts of my paintings and drawings in the romantic townhouse from 1900 on the edge of the Puig.

In the coming year, creative workshops led by me are planned there, which will take place in loose sequence for 3-5 days. More about this will follow when I can foresee their start. I have 20 years of experience as an artist and as a teacher of painting and drawing courses in Germany and I am now looking forward to working with you.

But first, if you are interested and are on Mallorca at the moment, why don't you take a stroll through the NITX DEL ARTE 2023 in Felanitx on the weekend of 18.08. to 20.08.23?

Casa del Arte Felantix,
Carrer de Rocaberti 26, Felanitx

Open on:
18 August: 7pm-2pm and 19 and 20 August: 7pm-2pm.

The Casa del Arte Felanitx is also open on Sunday at market time.

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