Inken Rave-Lohmann

1964 born in Hamburg
1992 start of the studies of illustrations at the local technical collage of higher education
1999 final certificate from the illustration establishment

since 1992 own studio, works mainly with acrylic and oil colours, mixed techniques and drawings
since 2000 change her paintings to abstraction
since 2004 member of the artists agency of Hamburg

Inken Rave-Lohmann paints in various formats, whereby she prefers large formats which give her the opportunity to paint in a generous, multi-layered style and the freedom to realise more complex visual images. For the last four years or so Inken Rave-Lohmann has been occupied with wood sculpting. She works primarily with a chain saw to lend new form to the pieces of wood, which are initially large. The so-called “carving” process (cutting with a chain saw) reminds her of her style of drawing. For Inken Rave-Lohmann it is simply a necessary consequence that she moves from her impasto, relief-like style of painting to sculpting and that she engages in this new style with the same enthusiasm as previously.

Inken Rave-Lohman live on NDR Journal